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ATL is stocking spare parts for heavy machinery like forklift trucks and construction equipment and carries out regular maintenance and repair works through its own workshop. Achelis (Tanganyika) Limited (ATL) established in 1961 is part of the Achelis Group of Companies with a network of associated companies and representatives in 24 countries world-wide.

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Regent Estate, Plot 305
Dar es Salaam , Tanzania
Tel: 255 222 700 760
Tel: 255 222 361
Fax: 255 222 700 759
Tanga Fresh Ltd

Established in 1996, Tanga Fresh Ltd, in Tanga Region as a joint-venture between FriZania cooperation from Friesland in Northern Netherlands and Tanga Dairy Cooperative Union (TDCU), a Tanzanian farmer cooperative. Tanga Fresh Limited (TFL) have invested US$4.5m in a new milk processing plant that has increased their capacity to process raw milk from 20,000 to 50,000 litres per day.

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Tanga Fresh Ltd
P.O. Box
Dar es Salaam , Tanzania
Tel: 255 222 116
Fax: 255
Sea Products Ltd

Sea Products Ltd. is a seafood processor and exporter based in Tanzania. The company has an EU approved and FDA registered seafood processing plant and system from which it exports the full range of frozen tropical seafood types - octopus, cuttlefish, squid, spiny lobster, sand lobster, crab, prawns and various finfish species.

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Sea Products Ltd
SIDO Industrial Estate
Gofu Chini, Tanga
P.O. Box 6132
Dar es Salaam , Tanzania
Tel: 255 272 646 220       
Tel: 255 272   
Fax: 255 272 646 223
Tanganyika Instant Coffee Company

Tanganyika Instant Coffee Company was established in 1963 and became operational in 1966. It produces spray dried instant coffee of different blends for domestic and export markets. The plant has a capacity of 500 tones a year and currently is the only instant coffee factory in East and Central Africa.

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Tanganyika Coffee
P.O. Box 418
Bukoba, Tanzania
Tel: 255 282 220 352       
Tel: 255 282 000 000
Fax: 255 282 220 526
SATEC Suba Agro Trading

SATEC has emerged as a leading agro input enterprise in Tanzania and a famous brand for reliability and quality. Providng various Agriculrural products such as Agro Seeds (Vegetables and Cereals), Agrochemicals, Irrigation, Fertilizers

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Arusha, Tanzania
Tel: 255 272 548 541
Tel: 255 272 545 212
Fax: 255 272 548 541
Kakuzi Limited

Kakuzi Limited is a Tanzanian agricultural cultivation and manufacture company.[1] Its products include tea, avocados (of which it has been Tanzania's largest exporter),[2] pineapples (under contract to Del Monte Tanzania Limited),[3] and livestock, and the company also carries out forestry operations.[4] Its subsidiaries include Estates Services Limited, Siret Tea Company Limited, and Kaguru (EPZ) Limited. Kakuzi's parent company is the British company Camellia Plc

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Kakuzi Limited
3rd Floor
Loita Street
New Rehema House
P.O. Box 45560-0100
Tel: 254 204 440 115
Tel: 254 204 440 119
Fax: 254 204 449 635      
MSK Solutions

MSK Solutions is striving to become a global leader in the management of the Agricultural products value chain. It provides solutions for consumers and suppliers of cash and food crops and ingredients. They operate an integrated supply chain of cotton and its end products, cashew nuts, sesame, rice, yellow grams and timber. We operate two ginning facilities in Tanzania.

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MSK Solutions
352/64 Makunganya Street
Co-architecture Building
P.O. Box 22499
Dar es Salaam , Tanzania
Tel: 255 222 137 659 
Tel: 255 222 667
Fax: 255 222 137 652

















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